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About Us


the beginning

In 2003 we were having a few jam sessions in the basement.  We had been thinking about producing some singers.  Ernest Olivarez brought out a new original Christmas song "a Happy Christmas Year.  The guys started to mess around with it and really liked it.  The challenged now was  to come up with some more!  


A Unique Journey...

We were a group of friends that loved music,  In making this Album we got to work with some real pros like Jay Davidson and Steve Jankowski who have played with a lot of talented guys!  It was amazing to record and send tracks over the internet.  for the most part things went very smooth.



Our Influences

Our music blends a huge diversity of styles and talents.  I think we all have been Influenced by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, and Nat King Cole. 

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